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Thread: Core i7 Temperature in range

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    Core i7 Temperature in range

    I need your opinion.

    With my i7 o/c @3.7 ghz I played two hours with company off heroes, I recorded the temperature with real temp version 3.

    I am between 52 and 59 degrees for the whole of the cores for an ambient temp of 23 .

    Does that appear correct to you?
    Will that hold in summer?

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    Re: Core i7 Temperature in range

    if all is good: good case, good placement good rad, is not worried !

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    Re: Core i7 Temperature in range

    Intel reports the VID voltage range for the Core i7 920 to be
    . Usually if I'm considering upping a voltage for which I'm not certain of a safe range, I just set a limit of +10%.

    Intel sets the Tcase_Max (max temperature at the geometric centre of the topside of the IHS) at 67.9C for the 130W TDP Core i7's. The only caveat is that without placing a thermocouple at that exact location it's impossible to accurately measure that temperature.

    I use Prime95 temperatures and an indicator of absolute worst case processor temperature. As long as the cpu isn't on the verge of throttling I wouldn't worry too much about how hot it gets. In most real-world usage, temps won't be getting nearly that high.
    By the way, I'm not sure what app you're using to report temperatures, but Intel has this to say in its Thermal and Mechanical Design Guide concerning absolute temperatures.

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