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Thread: Core2Duo E6300 overclocking

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    Core2Duo E6300 overclocking

    Hello, here is my configuration:

    Core2duo E6300 1.89 GHz
    Motherboard MSI P965
    1GB DDR2 FSB 667
    GE Force 9800 GTX

    So much for the full benefit from my newly acquired Graphics card, I will overclock my Core2Duo

    I will first I flash the BIOS because I read that the original FSB is blocked. So I open this topic for any suggestion.

    Thank you
    3.2 (northwood)
    2gig ram
    ATI AIW X800xt 256mb
    Gigabyte GA-8knxp 875p Chipset
    Optiwrite 8X DVD Burner
    Win XP PRO Sp2 (Works Perfectly)
    2 SATA Raptor 74gig Raid 0
    2 7200 IDE 320gig HD

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    Re: Core2Duo E6300 overclocking


    Your Ram is of which brand? if no name of the potential is low but you should know that your processor to a FSB of 266 and that your memory is for the 333 so you can go up to 2.3GHz without oc your memory. then even if it's no name what it may take the 400 with hard timing therefore best in my opinion, this memory can you hoped mounted 2.8Ghz. Without changing the memory it will be hard.

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    Re: Core2Duo E6300 overclocking

    I have a 8800GTS640 and E4300 it took to pass the 2.6 no longer feel the limitation on the CPU
    I won a near 3000pts just 3Dmark 06 from processor to 2.6.

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