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Thread: BIOS parameters

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    BIOS parameters

    Sorry, I can not understand some of the terms of my bios gigabyte ga x48 DQ6, while going to try to set different voltages, I can give only increase of 0.5v, 0.30v, etc., depending on the parameters, but I do not understand from that voltage table except for the cpu. For example I would set ram 2.1v as specific but only permit me to increase, but what value ? Thank you.

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    Re: BIOS parameters

    Each component has a standard voltage.
    Ram = 1.8v
    MCH = 1.25v
    fsb = 1.25v
    pci-e = 1.5v
    For others there is google

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    Re: BIOS parameters

    I am curious that the various entries for the voltage of the functions deficit of BIOS, because I would try to move to 510 MHz fsb, but not so good as raising voltages (except the cpu ...). And virtually all items such as BIOS are set to have better performance, a short drive.

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    Re: BIOS parameters

    You can also have the cpu limit to 510MHz. Put all the items that interest you.
    For the volts ... depends on your hardware configuration ... and usually reach the best after several tests.

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    Re: BIOS parameters

    Now will be doing two tests.

    The configuration is:
    Corsair TWIN2X2048 8500C5D
    Powercolor 4870 512Mb
    Thermaltake Toughpower 750 W

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