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Thread: 3DMark scores fall

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    3DMark scores fall

    In spite of all online tests of HD4870X2 where 3DMark 03-05-06 rises by overclock, that fall my 3DMark score if I oc my Sapphire HD4870X2 graphics card.

    Is there any logical explanation?

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    Re: 3DMark scores fall

    If you use the wrong program, your temperature rises, if you have not given it enough power. There are some solutions, but nobody knows whether it is right...

    BTW: so all the tests to show anything with overclock, is not guaranteed overclock, and can also be that the producer has sent a special edition hand-picked for them.

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    Re: 3DMark scores fall

    Of all the many many things I have clocked, I've never had a lower score due to high overclock, heat or lack of power, this has always resulted in black screen, Artic facts, restart, etc.

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    Re: 3DMark scores fall

    If your 4870x2 is just normally as hot as everyone else, it will certainly be too hot if you overclock on it. You need to change the cooling if you want to overclock it.

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