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Thread: Purchase of large radiator

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    Purchase of large radiator


    I am looking for a large radiator

    3 * Triple 120mm or 140mm

    4 * Triple 120mm or 140mm

    know that it is overkill

    Can I buy such a radiator? where?

    where to buy cold head of intelligence I7?

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    Re: Purchase of large radiator

    There is one called mo-ra 2 and has space for 9 120mm fans.

    Have had it and thought it was not so good. Indeed, I have much better temp with a 120mm, a 3 x 120mm and two home built radiators using Alu pages of my Cabinet to chill.

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    Re: Purchase of large radiator

    mo-ra 2 is also mega restrictive. You can also say that the design is pretty old fashioned, not least in relation to "modern" radiators.

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