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Thread: Overclocking X9100

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    Overclocking X9100

    I do good benchmarks of several affiliates to solicit my trial and my gpu a bit.
    After having shot 3D Mark 6 about five times, I found that my cpu was between 37 and 40 great maximum and 60 for the video card.

    Then I told myself that this small wholesale M570TU sends signals overclock me! ", So I wanted to know: can I easily overclock X9100?

    On the m570TU I have no need to flash the bios it seems. I went directly into the bios and I put x2. So now I'm at 3.52 GHz and temperatures are ok on the bench.

    I test CoD4 if it takes well over time.

    Indeed i use to see what the temperature of the cpu and gpu full game?

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    Re: Overclocking X9100

    In full game you can't see the results while you play. But Everest or RivaTuner can see a graph if it can help you

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    Re: Overclocking X9100

    our processor is a model "Extreme" so it means that the coefficient is changed naturally in of the bios Clevo. When I say naturally, it is for this: it does not alter the FSB remains the same guarantee of stability! Now, OC processor by the FSB at the same time increases the speed of all the other components, hence the risk of error in most intense use ...
    Then, to the graphics card, you must climb gradually to see what frequencies are supported and stable max especially!

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