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Thread: Which components to upgrade.

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    Which components to upgrade.


    I have an system which I purchased about 6 years back. The configuration is as follows.

    P4 1.6GHz
    256 MB SD RAM
    Mercury Motherboard
    40 + 120 GB Harddisk
    17 Inch Monitor.

    Couple of days back, I was not able to boot the system and it gave me a continous Long beeps.

    On calling an service personal, he told me that it could be an Montherboard or an RAM issue.

    He recommended an upgrade to an new Motherboard, Processor and RAM.

    My query is, is it all that needs to be upgraded?
    Is there anything else that needs to be upgraded?


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    Thats indeed a Motherboard or Ram issue. You mentioned continuous long beeps. But please specify it clearly whether a long beep for once or if it beeps long then short short. Problem depends on them.

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    This information would be handy for you to decide,
    • Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps
      CPU Overheating

    • Repeated Long Beeps
      Memory Error

    • Two Beeps
      POST/CMOS Error

    • One Long Beep, One Short Beep
      Motherboard Problem

    • One Long Beep, Two/Three Short Beeps
      Video Problem

    • No Beeps
      No power, Short, Bad CPU/MB, Loose Peripherals

    • One Beep
      Everything is normal and Computer POSTed fine

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    It is a series of continous long beeps, over 15 beeps and still beeping.

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    Yogesh Guest
    This could well be Motherboard or Ram problem. Dont just replace them blindly. You can check Ram easily. Check if the Ram stick is inserted properly. Remove it, clean it with a peace of paper or duster, and again place it in the slot properly and check your PC by booting again. If computer starts normally, then it was the RAM problem. If not, then most probably a motherboard problem or CPU heating issue. In this case, consult with the dealer.

    NOTE: Be careful while inserting RAM chip again after you clean it. Remember the way it was installed earlier and install it in the same position. If you accidentally or unknowingly insert it in wrong direction, you will end up burning/damaging your RAM.

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    I was getting similar continuous long beeps with no boot a long back. I just checked my RAM chip, removed, cleaned, inserted it properly and then booted. It worked. I think such RAM issues do happen in old PCs and as a preliminary step, one should check their RAM in the way as Yogesh said

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    Will try this step, once I reach home and let u guys know if it worked.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Look at this recent thread. Looks related to this problem. That might be helpful for you
    Continuous beep! Is it RAM issue?

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    Now my PC is booting

    I cleared the dust which had accumulated on my CPU, removed RAM, removed the dust on it and then put it back and the system booted as usual.

    Let me see if the same behaviour is noticed today also.

    Thanks a lot guys for the guidance.

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    We are glad that you were able to solve the problem.

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