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Thread: need to go higher?

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    need to go higher?

    I bought a new rig & am wondering how much higher can i go with it. I am running thermatake volcano.

    E8500 Processor
    Motherboard 790i
    Video card 9800gtx
    Ram 2gb ddr3

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    Unless your computer becomes unstable you can keep on going but see that the temperatures are low & voltages are not very high or until you hit a fsb wall would be fine.

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    At 1500mhz fsb it seems to be stable but above that it either restarts continously & windows cant be loaded properly & am only able to play low end games.

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    I think the motherboard is not able to handle it properly? Do you know about the maximum FSB report on this motherboard?

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    The maximum rated fsb is 1800mhz i think & it supports 1500 mhz cpus like the qx9770 & it also supports the ddr3 2ghz ram that i have with overclocking.

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