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Thread: Can't open Folder Options in WinXP Control Panel

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    Can't open Folder Options in WinXP Control Panel

    In Windows XP Pro, if I double click on the Folder Options ikon in the Control Panel I get an "Open With" window asking me to choose the program I want to use to open the file--in other words, I don't get the Folder Options window. The other applications in the Control Panel seem to work OK. I am able to access Folder Options in the Tools menu in Windows explorer.

    I have tried running regsver32/i shell32, but this had no effect on the problem.

    Can anyone suggest how to fix this problem?

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    If its opening properly in tools menu, it should also open in the control panel. Seems like a virus problem. I'd suggest to scan your PC once and check if its affected. Relpy me so.

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    no virus detected

    I have done a thorough virus scan, with no virus detected.

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