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Thread: Operating System For Gaming

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    Operating System For Gaming

    As a student I have a membership to MSDN. I have access to XP pro 32/64 and Vista Business 32/64.

    I currently use x64.

    I know when Vista first came out its performance in games was definitely worse than XP. Also, all gaming Vista test seem to be from when Vista first came out.

    What I want to know is how Vista performs gaming-wise now that many updates have occurred and SP1 has been released.

    I also don't like Vista boot up times compared to XP.

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    You're better off finding for yourself, you will get mixed answers.
    I tried it recently and found it was 20% slower for Crysis and hard drive file copies took many times longer, that (and a few other things) was enough to put me off moving to Vista.

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    I would not do anything other than XP x32/x64 for gaming.

    I'm not a fan of vista, but this thread is not about that and thus I will not go on about it.

    Like the other post said, you will get mixed reviews with Vista and SP1. If you read anything about Vista SP1 you will know it's far worse.

    Check it out for yourself:

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    If you are using XP x64 then please do yourself a favour and move onto Vista x64. XP x64 was never meant for gaming and i guess it wont have much support from new drivers/games as we have vista x64.

    It is a very stable OS, i have been running it for quiet some time without any issues or performance drops.

    The best option would be to try it out yourself, and find it out

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