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Thread: GPRS vs WAP

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    Post GPRS vs WAP

    Hiiiiiii every body

    I just want tno know the difference between GPRS and WAP....

    can anyone help me........

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    WAP will work over GPRS. GPRS allows WAP to work in packet mode instead of circuit mode. (And it will be much faster as well.) WAP also works over existing packet technologies such as CDPD, and other 3G technologies such as EDGE and WCDMA.

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    WAP is a protocol used to deliver cut-down web pages. It can be thought of as similar to HTML (used for standard web-pages). To use it, you use a WAP browser on a device, it doesn't have to be a phone (e.g. PDA). You can access WAP pages over any kind of network link, as long as you have the address (e.g. When you access the WAP browser on your handset, you are making a data telelphone call, much the same as you would dial up the internet from a landline. So, you would use up your minutes (as it is treated as a phone call).

    GPRS, on the other hand, is a data transmission standard - i.e. used to get data from one place to another. It doesn't matter if that data is WAP pages, Sound, Pictures, MP3's - whatever. Your phone is treated like a terminal connected to an always-on network. You don't have to dial up like you do with WAP. To use the home analogy, it is like ADSL (though a HELL of a lot slower!).
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