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Thread: What Is Nwereboot?

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    What Is Nwereboot?

    While doing research on different sites about "NWEReboot" which is in my start up when I look via PC Doctor but Not via MSconfig startup.
    Now is it a part of NERO or virus that should be removed from the registry? Does anyone know for sure if I should deactivate it from my start up. and remove it.

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    Do you have nero? If so, than that's possibly it. I believe it runs during the process of installation or autorun from the cd. You should be fine unchecking it. Unless, you do NOT have nero?

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    After a google search of 'NWERebott Process' I got:

    nwereboot - nwereboot - Process Information
    Process File: nwereboot or nwereboot
    Process Name: Ahead Nero CD/DVD Temporary file

    dummy.exe [nwereboot] is a process belonging to Ahead Nero and acts as a temporary file whilst CD writing is in process. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.


    Hope this helps

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