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Old 23-12-2013
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install 2 operating system onto single usb flash drive

I am having a single usb flash drive and I want to install 2 different Windows 7 operating system onto this drive? If it is possible then can I also make it bootable? I simply want to be able to choose like which operating system setup I want to boot from. If this is possible then can anyone tell me a step by step guide on how to do it? Thanks
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Old 24-12-2013
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Re: install 2 operating system onto single usb flash drive

Yes, you can do it, like for example, if you want to install Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64 bit onto a single usb drive then you can install both on same drive by using ImageX software which is a part of Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7. Just use that software to include every editions you want into a single install.wim and then replace the normal install.wim with the same.
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Old 26-12-2013
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Re: install 2 operating system onto single usb flash drive

First of all copy the contents of Windows 7 32bit onto a partition like E:drive and just rename the folder to like E:\x86 folder. After that copy only the install.wim from x64 bit installation CD on the same drive and you get to have E:\install.wim. Now rename that to Win7x64.wim and you get E:\Win7x64.wim. After that put a copy of Imagex in Windows\System32 of the OS you have booted into. Now open an elevated command and type the below and then press enter after each line and just wait for it to complete:

Imagex /export "E:\Win7x64.wim" 1 "E:\x86\sources\install.wim" "Windows 7 Home Basic (x64)"

Imagex /export "E:\Win7x64.wim" 2 "E:\x86\sources\install.wim" "Windows 7 Home Premium (x64)"

Imagex /export "E:\Win7x64.wim" 3 "E:\x86\sources\install.wim" "Windows 7 Professional (x64)"

Imagex /export "E:\Win7x64.wim" 4 "E:\x86\sources\install.wim" "Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)"

After that remove the ei.cfg file from the x86 folder and then use the contents of the x86 folder to make a bootable flash drive. Now all editions of 32 and 64 bit can be installed from it or else you can also make a bootable .iso from the x86 folder.
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Old 27-12-2013
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Re: install 2 operating system onto single usb flash drive

There is also another tool called MultibootUSB which can be used to install multiple linux based operating system on a USB flash drive. It is a portable application and you just need to run its executable file on your Usb drive, you dont have to install it in your pc. Then there are other tools like YUMI ? Your Universal Multiboot Installer, XBoot, etc; software that you can use as well.
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