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Thread: Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

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    Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

    I want to know one thing, that does after upgrading to Windows 8, we have to keep a watch on regular software also. Most probably the software are released for Windows doesn't comes with much updates. But still for security reason is this necessary. What if I do not upgrade the software that I have in Windows 7.

    Will that create any issue in Windows 8.

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    Re: Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

    That actually depends on the software you are using. Windows 8 is already rich in security features. But to some extent for security purpose it is recommended that you must upgrade your the third party software. Upgraded software comes with more stability and less bugs.

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    Re: Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

    Upgrades are on your own choice. If you want you can upgrade else it does not really matter. I am using Windows 8 Consumer Preview and install all those all one that I was using on Windows 7. All you need to update is your web browsers. You can receive a popup indication on your screen where there is any updates. Or else you can ignore that. Get a good antivirus program and you are done with the same. Deal with software upgrades is not a complex issue. I am actually waiting for the final version of Windows 8. This is just a preview, in final version we can expect to have much better features and ouptut. Yet there is time.

    And one thing that creates a doubt in my mind is will Windows 8 need a antivirus software. Because as already said by Microsoft this operating system will have much better security benefits over others.

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    Re: Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

    There are many articles on web which says that Windows 8 is far more secure compared to Windows 7. I tried to installed Microsoft Security Essentials in the same but that did not worked at all. Is there a better way to deal with the antivirus solution for this thing.

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    Re: Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

    Till yet no one has raised question on Windows 8 security or antivirus requirement. Isn't Microsoft planing to make in built antivirus solution for this thing which would remove the requirement of other software. It can be. But we can only find out that we will get the final version. It is being said that this is one of the most safest operating system coming up in the market. This OS will have a powerful malware protection background, and secure boot. So from the boot level your system is secure which will not allow any infection to load or spread in your system. Compared to this the scenario in Windows 7 is completely different.

    There is no way to protect the system from boot. It looks Windows 8 will deal with the issue more seriously. Till yet I had not see any antivirus program which is specially released for Windows 8. It actually depends on future how this security measures can be better.

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    Re: Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

    Windows has faced a ton of security issue and we can wait back to watch what Windows 8 can do in this. I think there will be more powerful security software for the same. You cannot simply ignore your security just like that.Is it necessary to upgrade softwares on Windows 8

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