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Thread: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

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    Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    I have just installed the Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade in my Mac Book Pro and I think that it is nothing but just an updated version of its previous version. There is nothing new to offer in this new upgraded operating system. I am thinking if Apple has started to run out of ideas or they donít have enough resources to bring out more innovative things to the users. I am disappointed by Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade, I mean whenever Apple brings out some product; it always turns out to be awesome and always has something new to offer. But this time, I donít find any innovation here, does anyone else too feels the same way?

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    Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    The people working at Apple arenít some magician or fairies who will just cast a spell and you will get to see some new magic. They too are people who have 24 hours in a day and life like us. You canít expect them to bring out something new every time. I think that Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is just another fix or patch to the previous version which must be rectifying glitches and upgrading existing features rather introducing some new feature.

    According to the rumors flying around, I think that Apple is currently focused on developing iPhone 5 and I think that much of its resources in form of manpower must be concentrate on it rather than new Operating System. I think we can wait for few more months before a completely new operating system by Apple is released.

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    Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    I think that Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is totally messed up. Almost everything is dependent on the Cloud based storage. You need to store some file, send it in the cloud storage so that you can retrieve it from anywhere. You want to save bookmark, save it in the cloud storage. I am fed up with this feature. There must be something available in the Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade that doesnít need cloud support.

    Due to this cluster of cloud support, it seems like the people at Apple have forgotten that there are still people out here who needs to use USB devices like external hard disks to store their data. They have almost forgotten to improve the drivers for USB drives.

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    Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    I agree that this cloud storage thing in Appleís operating system has messed up with the proper systems. One has to now not transfer the data individually, but rather do it by migrating the profiles from one device to another by help of cloud storage. Also because of the introduction of the cloud based storage, it seems like Apple has also forgotten to upgrade their file systems. The file system in Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade still uses the SQL databases to keep update of their data. Even the graphic drivers of Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade have been updated, they still use OpenGL technology and still have the Quartz technology which is like old and ineffective. I too think that some improvement is needed in Apple operating systems.

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    Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    We canít say that Apple has run out of the ideas and canít do anything innovative in their operating systems. But why not are the people thinking that not every idea is possible to be made. The idea has to be fit in the pipeline of work. Again to bring an innovation into existence the company needs to have resources available. The company will need to invest money to bring the technology into existence, invest in people who will make it possible, market it and many such other activities. Bringing an innovation to life is not a childís play; a purpose has to be known to make it possible. Imagine Apple making some fancy feature that wonít be used by many people, why should they develop it then, the question arises and thus Apple restricts them.

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    Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    Its not just having money and manpower that drives Apple to bring out some new innovative feature in their operating systems. It is the need of the people that drives the innovation. The people at Apple keep observing the activities of people around them and research about their needs. Once they understand those needs and other type of users, Apple goes on to make the new technology or feature that is implemented in their new operating system. Also if Apple starts bringing out new feature in each and every new update or operating system, it might happen that they might need to do it quickly. This would compromise the time need for testing and thus leading to problematic feature.

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    Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    There are lots of new features in Mac Mountain Lion like iMessages, Inotes, AirPlay Mirrioring ,ichat, "Share" button to switch from iPhone and iPad apps, gatekeeper etc.. Mountain Lion is made for a world where your computer is just one of your computing devices, along with your iPhone and your iPad. Apple wants to make it easier to switch from one to the other

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