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Thread: Windows -8 Release Preview Static IP Problem

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    sad Windows -8 Release Preview Static IP Problem

    I have a static IP Connection and I have recently downloaded windows 8 Release Preview. I am having the problem with the Gateway which the Network Adapter Troubleshooter has reported of "Default Gateway not available." Previously I had windows XP (from which I had upgraded to W.8) in which it worked very well. But in Windows 8 even the ISP isn't recognized. I my windows 7 computer it works very well as usual. Please anyone help me with these matters. Thanks a million to people giving answers!

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    Re: Windows -8 Release Preview Static IP Problem

    Well, seems to me, as if the driver for the Network Adapter is not installed, have you tried installing the same on Windows 8? What is your computer specifications? If you are using a router then the default gateway will be the router itself. If that doesnt work, then try going to the Network Connections properties and then choose the obtain IP automatically and see what happens.
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