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Old 27-06-2012
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How to set up make .conf in Gentoo Linux?

I am an regular Linux user and I have been using Linux as my operating system for a long time. Recently I had urge to modify the Linux as per my needs, but couldn?t find any method to do so. I researched on internet for any option that can help me, but I couldn?t find any. But on one link, I found a tool by name Gentoo Linux which might help me to modify my operating system as needed. I am not professional at modifying Linux and related stuff. So can anyone tell me exactly, how Gentoo Linux works and what its purpose is?
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Old 28-06-2012
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Re: How to set up make .conf in Gentoo Linux?

Gentoo Linux is not usual Linux distribution type of operating system but a meta-distribution operating system which will provide options and tools for proper customization of Linux as you want and as you need. It will safely edit the /etc/make.conf file in the system without hampering the processes and other system performances and activities. I am using an AMD PC and I can tell you how to start with the basic modification of GUI.


This command will show if your operating system and the hardware are compatible to handle the modifications of the operating systems without any problems. The presets and the options for modification of Gentoo Linux work best with stage3 tarball architecture. The CHOST shouldn?t be changed in any computer, but in case of 64 bit architecture, we can use a different code to create the modification of Linux.

This code is used on the 64-bit machine,
CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe"

And the code for 32-bit machine, we can use,
CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"

When using this code, make sure that you have that ?march is set to native. If not set, the configuration and the modification tools will utilize every resource that is available
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Old 28-06-2012
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Re: How to set up make .conf in Gentoo Linux?

Since you are modifying the Linux, you will also need to modify the performance by setting the values for working of hardware peripherals. For getting the maximum performance from CPU when using Linux, you will need to use following code,

This will also enhance the performance of the RAM in the system. Here in the above code, j3 denotes that you want 3 cores of the processor to dedicate their power for processes in Linux. Depending on the working of your system, you will also need to reduce the performance of the peripherals. You can also increase the speed by which the system accesses the cache memory by using following command,

For language settings, you can us following command,
LINGUAS="en_US en"
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