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Thread: after updating to mac 10.7.4, wifi of iMAC 21inch failing

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    after updating to mac 10.7.4, wifi of iMAC 21inch failing

    I am a huge fan of Apple but that doesnít mean I wonít complain or report if I face any severe problem or issue. I have several Apple products from iPhone to iMac and none of them ever showed me any problem from the time I bought them. Now currently from past few days my iMac is showing some weird problem. Whenever I try to connect my iMac 21Ē system to the wifi through this router, it do connects successfully but do not for what reason the connection drops suddenly. Sometime the condition is so worse that the wifi connection donít even get established.

    If you are thinking that the problem lies within the iMac system then you are completely mistaken. Amongst both the router and iMac I personally do not doubt any of them. The reason is quite simple, the issue actually started after I updated my iMac to Mac 10.7.4. just after I did the update, from the next day onwards I started getting this trouble. However all my other Apple devices and products are getting easily connected via Wifi but only this newly updated iMac system is causing problem. So I am sure that the machine is alright but the new update is somewhere having a bug or issue.

    Until now I have tried almost everything which came in my mind in order to get the connection back. However the only solution I find until now is to reboot the system. After the connection failed if I try to reconnect the machine via wifi it doesnít happens at all until I restart the iMac system all over again. During the connection is failed what exactly happens is, I canít see any access point or SSID from which I can try to establish the connection. Anyways, this is my first attempt; I didnít even try consulting anyone other than trying out my own R&Ds. So therefore I hope that I will get enough replies with best suggestion here as I have heard a lot about this forum. Lets see how log I will have to wait.

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    Re: after updating to mac 10.7.4, wifi of iMAC 21inch failing

    Just wanted to know whether your iMac loses the Wifi connection suddenly with any prior warning or any unusual behavior? It shouldnít be possible. Even I am facing the same problem with my iMac system. Also my problem started after I updated it to Mac OS X 10.7.4. But there is only a minor difference between your issue and my issue. In my case the wifi connection is only lost when I leave my system for a while and allow it to go in sleep mode. After I wake the system, the wifi connection is completely gone. Other than this if I try to access the connection it works fine until the machine goes to sleep. I am not sure but I guess there is some kind of bug that appears when the iMac system goes to sleep. This bug must have came up with the Mac update version 10.7.4 for free .

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    Re: after updating to mac 10.7.4, wifi of iMAC 21inch failing

    Try out my trick, maybe it might work. Itís a working suggestion but I havenít tried it yet, so therefore I am sure with the end result. The problem could be either with the config file or it could be a keychain problem. However try the following steps and let me know what happens.

    • First of all in your iMac machine go to the Network settings and then from there try to add a new location
    • After you add up a new location see to it that you delete and remove all other locations that you created earlier and also delete the things that are related to the wifi access point
    • Keeping a fresh and only data and access point will be more helpful for your wifi to work smoothly and also it will remove the confusion
    • If the wireless connection is enabled disable it and then again re-enable it. After this you need to add your Airport extreme SSID. And now try the connection again

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    Re: after updating to mac 10.7.4, wifi of iMAC 21inch failing

    This would sound bit funny to you as I tried doing several trial and errors and ultimately managed to get the connection back in my iMac. The funny thing is that I do not know which suggestion exactly solved my issue. Anyways I will let you know every thing that I did with the machine. If possible even you get them all and try your luck.

    • Firstly I installed the combo update as instructed by my friend then I added a new location following the above friendís suggestion
    • After setting a new location I tried to reset the PRAM and then casually I also turned off the Bluetooth. Guess what? The problem went off completely
    • Now I am enjoying my wifi connection in my iMac system without any interruption even after updating the machine to 10.7.4 update

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