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Thread: unable to pair apple remote in mac os x 10.7.3

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    unable to pair apple remote in mac os x 10.7.3

    Hey! Come on, someone help me out here. I am completely clueless what should be done. Either there is something wrong with the Apple remote I am having or the problem is lying within my laptop. I have a macbook pro running mac os x 10.7.3 version, on this laptop I have tried my best to connect and pair it with the apple TV remote that I have at my place. The reason I am trying to pair the macbook with the remote is because many a times I have seen my Apple TV remote keeps on contradicting and messing up with the laptop that I have. So therefore I believe that if I try to pair my laptop with its own remote then at least the problem will somewhat improve. As far as I know there is nothing wrong with the remote as I have checked all its keys working well and fine without any issue. Now its everything on you people about how you suggest me or help me in pairing the remote to the macbook pro laptop. I would expect at least one single better answer for my question.

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    Re: unable to pair apple remote in mac os x 10.7.3

    There’s a simple procedure that you need to follow in order to pair your macbook pro with your remote. i have a doubt that you must have followed this instruction but it would be much better if you verify the steps again and make sure that you followed the steps correctly without committing any kind of mistake. At least you will be confirmed that you performed the basic procedure correctly and then you can carry on with searching for some other alternative suggestion.

    • First in you Macbook pro login as Administrator, then in order to pair with the remote make sure that you get very close to your machine
    • Now in front of your macbook pro straighten your remote at the infrared portion. Next what you need to do is press the Menu button and hold it. Along with the Menu button press and hold the next/ Fast-forward buttons for a while.
    • You are done! Now you machine is paired with the remote. for confirmation, there will be a lock kind of thing appearing at the center of screen

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    Re: unable to pair apple remote in mac os x 10.7.3

    You know what; it looks like as if I am explaining my own issue. Once upon a time even I was suffering from the same issue. i too have the same laptop with me and even I was trying to pair my computer with the apple remote that I have. The issue was that I was very new to apple, macbook pro was my first apple product before buying machine I never had any apple product in my life. Maybe because of this reason I wasn’t able to understand and do things that were actually very much easy and simple. Anyways I would better stop here and help you with your trouble.

    Look within your computer there’s a setting that helps us to accept any infrared remote receiver. In order to enable this feature you need to follow the steps: first of all go to System preferences then click on Security and Privacy then go to General. Now in General settings you will get a checkbox option called “Disable remote control infrared receiver”. Make sure that you check this option. Checking this option will surely help you make your system run with any of the apple remote. This is what I did at the time I faced this very similar problem.

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