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Thread: Getting internet explorer 8 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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    Getting internet explorer 8 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    I am one of those fortunately users who got to use windows 8 Consumer Preview in my machine but I didnít feel myself fortunate enough after knowing that Internet Explorer 8 could not be installed in to this latest version of Microsoft OS version i.e. Windows 8. I have no issues with windows 8, in fact this OS runs with an ease. It is one of the best OS produced by Microsoft but somewhere by leaving their old product effects they have missed out their customers. I never expected that internet Explorer 8 would have been gone from the Consumer Preview. Its one of my favorite web browser (I can surely compromise with everything but not with IE8).

    I learn this from Microsoft 2012; there they mentioned that IE8 is no more going to be installed on Windows 8 consumer Preview. However they also stated that if in case anyone still prefers IE8 then the only option left with them is to uninstall the Consumer preview. This is not fair at all! They are doing injustice with those who loves both IE 8 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This is something for which I should worry; I do not want to leave either of them but in case if they allow me to choose only one then it would be IE8 as I already said above. Still if anyoneís there who have any idea of getting Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview then please let me know. Help me out, I want to try my best to keep both of them into my machine. Suggest me something.

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    Re: Getting internet explorer 8 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Yeah thatís true, even I would agree with that. Instead of getting IE 8 into your windows 8 which is impossible better why donít you use a compatible mode. Another suggestion I would like to give you, with another OS try to install a virtual machine that would help you to run IE 8. Not just IE 8 but I guess you will be able to run any compatible version of IE. Trust me I am no where sure whether my suggestion would work or not but you can at least give it a try.

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    Re: Getting internet explorer 8 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Installing another alternative OS into your machine is the only solution left for your. With Windows 8 consumer Preview better you install any older version of Windows OS and then install IE 8 into that alternative OS. From this you will be able get the taste of both IE8 and also Windows 8 but not together. Whenever you are in need of using Windows 8 Consumer Preview go for it and if ever you want to access IE8 then log into the alternative windows OS that you have installed. Now donít say that you want to access internet Explorer 8 in only Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If this is the case then I am not right person to suggest you anything. Better you follow Microsoft 2012 instruction of uninstalling windows 8 consumer preview or stop using internet explorer 8. I do not have procedure for uninstalling windows 8 consumer preview.

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