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Thread: Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

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    Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

    Windows 8 looks to be a bit unique in many way compared to older windows version. A number of people says that Windows 8 will be more secure in comparison to security. How that is possible. I can blindly say that today Windows is the most affective operating system. There are ample of threats. Does Microsoft is planing to provide some inbuilt antivirus support. And will that be completely secure. I had also find that new operating system comes with more social networking integration. So here you're going to add up your personal information also. Will that be secure. I do not rely on testing version. There should be detail final version out in the market.

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    Re: Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

    True to some extent. There are certain evaluation done on Windows 8 DP and found that there will be more security features compared to older version First you can use Windows To Go to create live Windows bootable usb drive and carry the same anywhere you want. Second there will be rich networking and security features in Windows 8. The one that I found discussed mostly on web is Trusted Boot. This feature does not allow any malware to enter your boot files. Second is old Bitlocker for Windows 8 where you can simply encrypt any part of your disc. Not need to encrypt entire partition. There are certain features that are added to enhanced security policies also, so that the system remains more free from any kind of infection.

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    Re: Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

    It is obvious that if a new operating system is launched the security is important part to consider. Windows 8 will be secure. But that does not means you do not require any kind of third party antivirus solution. You will need to keep a good antivirus with you. Windows 8 is made more comfortable towards social networking and live sharing. So here users can stay online 24x7 and share ample of content. Day by day technology is getting more personal and privacy issues are thus narrowed.

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    Re: Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

    It is not better if we can assume that Windows 8 is more secure before getting a final version out in the market. We all know that Windows is one of the most vulnerable operating system in the market. And yet there are many users who affected with virus and still struggling. But on the second hand this only helped to increase security level of end user. Threats will be made for Windows also as it is based on similar Windows architecture. It looks that Windows 8 might come with more features of enhanced interface. All are trying to compete each other in the form of interface support.

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    Re: Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

    Yes Eveldo is right. We all are expecting that Windows 8 will have high level of security features as compare to Windows 7.

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    Re: Is it true that Windows 8 is more secure

    Windows 8 is the latest operating system for Microsoft . It's functionality is the same like windows 7 just slightly different with it. Yes but it provide high security compare to other Microsoft operating system. It's graphics are also increase compare to previous version.

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