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Thread: Best Linux Distro in comparison to Windows 7

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    Best Linux Distro in comparison to Windows 7

    Just created this thread as I did not find any thread which can compare any Linux Distro with Windows 7 so that if any user wants to compare it then he can get some information from this topic. As I think there are good Linux Distro like Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Linux Mint 13, Pinguy OS, Zorin OS, Joli OS which can be compared to Windows 7 operating System, they all are new in market. There are many more Linux Distro but the one which I have mentioned are the tough competitors for Windows 7.

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    Re: Best Linux Distro in comparison to Windows 7

    As you have mentioned the top 5 Linux Distro I also agree that these are the only good competitors of Windows 7. I would like to give some description about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Linux Mint 13. And will also try to give other descriptions also if possible. And if I cannot please someone else give it.

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Even though Linux Mint is been preferred by many new users of Ubuntu I think Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is better in all aspects as they get more and more features in its every new release. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS does not have all software which are pre-installed like Linux Mint does. And because of that many new users feel difficult to use many media formats in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but because of its excellent community support this kind of problem can be solved in few minutes. In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Unity is stable and even very well polished. They have also improved the interface which was not that great in 11.04 version.

    Linux Mint 13 - You can say that after Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 13 is the second Linux Distro which is very popular in users as it has a good user interface and it is very user friendly also. As I have mentioned above, Linux Mint 13 has all pre-loaded software which are useful for new user to use without facing any kind of difficulty. Linux Mint basically provides all the features and fulfills the requirements needed by the users. Linux Mint 13 has 2 different editions, that is, The MATE edition and The Cinnamon edition. MATE edition is very much stable but it is not that attractive as Cinnamon edition. And Cinnamon edition has modern Gnome 3 desktop with good layout. Linux mint is based on Canonical's Ubuntu.

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    Re: Best Linux Distro in comparison to Windows 7

    OpenSUSE 11.4 is the best Distro for office use. OpenSUSE has selected KDE which is used for good reasons like OpenSUSE desktop is basically well known for office environment. As if you see KDE is also similar to Windows and now as Gnome and Ubuntu are shifting from the older fashion of Desktop metaphor. KDE will be very much useful for users who would like to use their Desktop similar to Windows.

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