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Thread: What can be the consequences of disabling Page File

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    What can be the consequences of disabling Page File

    I am having particular query to think about. I had installed SSD on my computer. Now I am looking to disable Page file on my SSD? Let me know whether it is possible to do the same? Also tell me what should be advantages and disadvantages after doing the same? What are the major issues concerned with disabling page file?

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    Re: What can be the consequences of disabling Page File

    It supposed to be useful if you are have low amount RAM. Because there are ample of situation that might occur when several applications consumes lots of RAM. In that time operating system simply gets memory pages from pagefile.sys directory and it is simply forwarded to hard drive that you are having. It makes the memory free which can be used by other application. Memory which is not used frequently is supposed to move to page file. However this particular thing would make an issue with hard disk performance. However there are lots of people who donít recommend that one should not use Page file and it should be disable. In fact to reliable on RAM seems to be better option in my opinion because its faster in terms of performance when you compared with hard disk.

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    Re: What can be the consequences of disabling Page File

    There are several issues can occur if you disable Page file on your computer.
    after disabling the same all applications, Windows modules would load on RAM. I do agree that there would be great improvement in the performance, however at the later stages there will be less amount of RAM available for every single applications. It does not sound useful anyway since in certain situation Windows need to reload all modules. It takes lots of time to reloading as compare to using a page file. As system running out of memory, your computer might crash. So In my opinion the user should not disable Page file rather it should be kept to minimum amount of 512MB or 256MB. Page file is needed for certain application, if such application donít found page file , it would simply prompt with an error message.

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    Re: What can be the consequences of disabling Page File

    Yes you are right your system will be if page file is disabled since there will not be any virtual memory available. You might suffer from system crashing issues and many times applications wont run at all as enough amount of memory is not available. But you should not forget that to do read or write operations on the documents memory is needed. Hence I am wondering that rather than disabling page file we should think about file system cache. For your information Windows 7 has SuperFatch which keeps a track of all the applications which are opened by the user frequently and it caches the same into memory. It would result into faster access speeds of applications as well as files.

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    Re: What can be the consequences of disabling Page File

    I have found many users who are saying that one should keep a copy of Page file on the different partition. However it wonít work until and unless you are keeping the same on another drive. I donít recommend to disable Page file even I would say that one should keep the same as it is. In fact you will not see any great difference into the situation if you disable page file.

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