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Thread: Debian 6 not showing Root Account at login

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    Debian 6 not showing Root Account at login

    I need help here, I am having trouble in Debian 6, it is not showing the Root Account when I log in. Well I have installed the Debian 6 on a server few days ago. And when I start , it shows all the account that I have created but except the Root Account. I have looked everywhere for the solution but there is nothing that could help me on this. Is there anyone here with the same problem can help me on this it is very important and I need the root account for log in so that I can run graphical tools as root. Now I know that this is the xwindows login and I should not run the x as root. But I would like if anyone help me log in as root when I need to . I was using the CentOS and this Debian is whole new concept from me.

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    Re: Debian 6 not showing Root Account at login

    Well in case that you need to use the graphical tools then you can always Sudo or su to the root form the normal account as well or you could flip to virtual console and then log in there. But I like to tell you that it is not the good idea to have display the root account at login.

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    Re: Debian 6 not showing Root Account at login


    For using the gui-apps and get the gdm running, the su or sudo will not help but the sux or gksu can , there is some trouble to use the Su . open a terminal emulator and give the following code

      su -c 'command'
      gksu command
      gksu command &

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    Re: Debian 6 not showing Root Account at login

    Well the same thing was happened to me as well. I just heard that the new one. With that the GDM has updated from GDM to GDM3. This is the next generation gnome display manager. But I always feels that old GDM was better , the themes, the gdmsetup tool and the main thing the option of allowing login of local administrator. Did everything which was possible but nothing helped. Infact I even tried to change the daemaon.conf in the gdm3 which was in the etc by putting the line AllowRoot=true on the section but that didnít help me either .

    But few days ago I was just checking the file on the gdm3, there was the file /etc/pam.d/gdm3, I just opened that file and on that file there was a line on it that said user != root quit_success, I just remove the user != root form there and that it bingo now I was able to login as the root user on the GDM3.

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