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Thread: Command to set function of HPET & Bcedit in Windows 7

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    Command to set function of HPET & Bcedit in Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer. Now I wanted to know how can I enable HPET in BIOS. Also I wanted to set useplatformclock true by using bcdedit command. Can you tell me how can I do it? feel free to post if you know anything about the same. thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Command to set function of HPET & Bcedit in Windows 7

    If your system is getting crash or freezing , issue associated with timers. By default Windows is using both Time Stamp Counter as well as PM Timer. I recommend to use PM Timer for smooth running of game on your computer. you should simply launch command prompt with administrative privileges and execute following command.
    bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
    After that simply restart your computer. Now Local APICs or HPET would be running on your system as either of the timer were not syncing as expected. Mostly issue arises in case only HPET is enabled.

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    Re: Command to set function of HPET & Bcedit in Windows 7

    In BIOS of system there are couple of options for HPET. Mainly those two are HPET x32 and HPET x64. People who are running x86 should go for HPET x32 where rest of people using x64 should select HPET x64. Windows 7 is using combination of TSC and PMTimer. It could cause freezing or crashing issue on your computer. So to resolve this particular issue , simply enable HPET option in BIOS. In case there is no such option available, then perform following steps.

    Right click on My Computer and click on Manage. Click on Device Manager into Computer Management, click on System devices and find out High precision event timer. If it is available, it means HPET enabled.
    LAPIC should be another good option if HPET is not available on your system. TSC can do the same thing but it should be used alone. One cannot disable LAPIC as it supposed to be default PM timer. According to me HPET and platformclock=true provide you excellent frame rate, lowest possible DPC latency and resolution as well.

    By using WinTimerTester 1.1 program you will be able to test timer ratio and QueryPerformanceFrequency. Higher the value of QueryPerformanceFrequency, better should be performance. You will get less frequency while using other timers.

    To switch to default timers execute following command on command prompt with administrative privileges.

    bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock
    after enabling HPET it would get mix with other timers and it to be considered as bad thing. windows is designed to make use of HPET only.

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    Re: Command to set function of HPET & Bcedit in Windows 7

    For accurate measurement of time Windows based computers are using QueryPerformanceCounter. There are number of application are using the same. For e.g. it is used in video gaming to make calculation of FPS. If your computer is powered by Windows 7 , it would be affected by CPU clock speed. By overclocking CPU , timer would calibrated and it should work appropriately. You might destroy the entire thing by changing speed of BUS using program such as SetFSB. It might cause lots of issue while playing games.

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