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Thread: dual boot with fedora 16 win 7

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    dual boot with fedora 16 win 7

    I have two disks:
    1 = 250 GB, all linux partitions
    2 = 250 GB, will be allocated to Windows 7 (NTFS partitions)

    I have Fedora16 installed on disk0 because I only used Fedora. But since I'm a PHP programmer who programs in DOT. NET at times too I need windows installed too. I tried to install Visual Studio in a virtual machine too but the result was disapointing because it was too slow. That is why I want to create a dual boot with windows 7 now but I do not want to have to reinstall Fedora.

    Now, I have tried to install Windows 7 but I get this error: "Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x80300024." The error occors when I try to choose a partition to install windows on.

    Does anyone know how to prefend this, without having to remove linux and install linus after windows?

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    Re: dual boot with fedora 16 win 7

    The error message that you are getting is due to disk partitions, so can you tell us how exactly are you formatting the disk and with what software? Is it a 32 bit operating system you are trying to install or 64 bit windows 7? After removing all partitions from my computer, when installing windows 7, it made 100 mb system reserved partition and rest of the primary "C" partition.
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