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Thread: What are the common reasons behind OS X Lion Freezing

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    What are the common reasons behind OS X Lion Freezing

    So far I have seen several articles about the freezing issue on Mac OS X Lion. After few minutes of search I have found few threads regarding the same on this forum. I have listed them below:

    After quitting an application, Mac OS X Lion Freezes

    In MacBook pro Mac OS X LION System temporary freezes

    OS X Lion freezes while trying to Login

    My OSX Lion freezes every time I try rebooting.

    The sims 3 freezes after updating to the Mac OS X Lion

    Lion update makes the Mac operating system to freeze on startup

    There are several situations like freezes when rebooting, quitting an application, playing game, browsing, watching movie etc. my Macbook pro which is running OS X Lion now also started freezing in different situation. Does anyone know the reason for it?

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    Re: What are the common reasons behind OS X Lion Freezing

    As far as I know that the freezing in OS X lion could be due to many reasons and it is not possible to find out the exact cause for this which is same like Windows OS. Most of all it is due to the incompatible apps or bugs. Otherwise could be the uncertain match of system requirement and apps. Kernel panics are also one of the reasons. Generally Temperature, faulty Hardware, loose connections, insufficient power supply and moisture also lead to these problems.

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    Re: What are the common reasons behind OS X Lion Freezing

    Random freezes are annoying and most of them due to the kernel panics. In that some are very serious. That usually indicates a serious hardware fault ward. Users of Mac OS X Lion complain that their Macs freeze in different situations. On the Apple discussion forum has an article on an issue where Mac OS X Lion freezes when a video is playing now over 12,000 views and 300 comments. Recent reports say that its new 27 inch iMac freezes when attempting to play videos. The problem occurs with YouTube, QuickTime and iTunes. The mouse will freeze during the work, but the Mac response any longer. The only ways to return the machine “wake up" to get the computer off by holding down the power button. The freezing of Mac OS X Lion seems not only to videos to come. In this case, the user can use the machine again until after it is disabled by holding down the power button.

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    Re: What are the common reasons behind OS X Lion Freezing

    Like many others, I have also had problems with Lion. There are just too many bugs in the system which will automatically create a lot of mistakes. However Apple has released a new update for Mac OS X Lion, stamped 10.7.4. Program, the correction of several problems encountered by users, including the recently discovered security hole in FileVault. The problem of lack of encryption of passwords in FileVault is no longer a bad memory for users to it being rubbed in recent days: the 10.7.4 update fixes the problem, but not only. Apple fixed several other concerns here, including one that could affect copying files on an SMB server, or another function that prevented the reopening of windows enabled to start each session. Vulnerabilities in PHP, QuickTime, Ruby or TimeMachine are also addressed. Meanwhile, Apple also released an update for Safari that version 5.1.7 has the main action to disable older versions of Flash Player that does not include the latest security updates. A way that would effectively push users to update the plugin to close loopholes associated. The update also aims to improve the fluidity of the browser on systems with limited memory, and fixes a bug authentication that may appear on certain websites.

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