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Old 12-05-2012
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How to Install Mac OS X Lion on a New Hard Disk

I have 2009 series Mac book Pro with 250GB hard drive. I love Apple Product because It is more secure and it has smart look. I install 10.7 version of Mac. My hard drive is filled up very quickly and it is getting full after installing 10.7. I brought a new hard drive of 500GB from Apple. I want to install a hard drive in my Mac book pro. I have 10.5 Os installation Disk which comes along with my laptop and also have 10.6 which I got from Apple Store last year. Recently I download 10.7 upgrades from Official website of Apple. I also have Time machine back up copy on my external hard drive. I want to install fresh copy 10.7 on my new hard drive by myself but I don?t to how to install. I don?t want to call my System engineer because he is charging too much. I can install a 10.7 directly from external hard drive or I install a 10.6 from Installation disc which I got from Apple and after that Upgrade. I don?t have proper knowledge because I am installing first time.
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Old 12-05-2012
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Re: How to Install Mac OS X Lion on a New Hard Disk

There are many ways to install a new hard drive and install Mac 10.7 on your Mac Book Pro. You can Install a 10.6 from disc which you get from Apple and after that Upgrade to 10.7 but it is long process. You can directly install 10.7 from your external hard drive but if you want to do that then you need to make your hard drive bootable. So, the easiest way is first Backup your hard drive in external drive. After that download latest version Of MAC from Apple and make a bootable disc of Mac. After that install a fresh copy and Restore your Data from external hard drive. I will give you a guide for each and every steps for how to do this all.

How to Backup Your Mac:
  1. Turn on Your Mac Book Pro.
  2. Switch on your external hard drive and connect it with connect it with your Mac book.
  3. Start any one of Backup utility Software (We prefer to use Timeline machine Application) from your application menu.
  4. You have to chose Two location, First is internal hard drive (Mac book hard drive which contain your all data) and another is Your external hard drive (in which you want to take create a back up copy of your data).
  5. Use the Default Option which creates a boot able backup copy your hard drive.
  6. It is a best option to use these step because when in case in future if you lost your data then you can revert these system and you can get all your data back. Even you cannot lose any small setting also.
  7. Click on COPY NOW button and wait for few minutes.
  8. Once the copy is completed than you get bootable backup copy of your internal hard drive into external one. Now you can do anything with your internal hard drive because your data is safe in your External Hard drive.
  9. But make sure once a time your external hard drive is booting properly. It takes some few minutes but it avoids the risk.
  10. Restart your Mac and press and hold the Option Key until display comes.
  11. This opens your Boot menu. Select the external hard drive which contains the backup. Click on the arrow.
  12. When your Mac boots to your Mac then you know that you successfully created backup copy.
  13. It is time to install a new hard drive.

Download and create a bootable DVD of Mac OSX:
  1. First download the latest version of Mac OSX from Apple.
  2. After downloading OSX you need to burn it in DVD with Bootable format to boot in your system.
  3. Lunch the disk utility.
  4. In the disk utility, select the ?InstallESD.dmg? image file from download location as a source.
  5. Insert the Blank DVD in to your drive.
  6. Select your DVD Rom as an destination.
  7. Click on Burn button.
  8. After few minute disc come out and burn process is completed successfully.

Replace MacBook?s Hard Drive:
  1. Turn your Mac book and near a battery the battery by using coin. This wills allow you to remove the battery.
  2. When you unscrew the plat it will automatically pull up and you pull out easily.
  3. Now you can See Your Ram, remove it for while.
  4. There is small white Tab behind the shorted side of L Shaped bracket. Pull that tab to remove the hard drive from its slot.
  5. Hard drive is shielded by electromagnetic interface cover plat. Unscrew the plat from older hard drive.
  6. Install that plat in new hard drive because without plat hard drive cannot fix in slot.
  7. Now insert the new hard drive into its slot carefully.
  8. Install the Ram and battery back then use a coin to lock the cover in its original position.

Preparing Your New Hard Drive:
First start your Mac book, but at that time hard drive just you install is not show up but it is detected in bios. Whenever you install a new hard drive it needs to be format and partition for first Boot. It is done by when you are installing the New Mac OSx Otherwise format it separately by Disk utility software.

How to Boot Mac from a DVD-ROM:
  • Open a DVD Rom and Insert the Mac OS X Install DVD into the DVD drive.
  • Restart your machine and Boot it from DVD
  • When your machine is started, press and hold C Button immediately
  • Your Mac book Boot from DVD.
  • If it is does boot from DVD then restart it again and press the Option Key immediately and Boot screen comes, now select the DVD ROM.
Installation Process:
  • Double click on Installation icon of Mac and click the restart.
  • Installer Open automatically after restart.
  • Select the language and click on next button and welcome screen automatically opens.
  • Follow the on screen instruction and they will guide you.
  • Install Mac osx for first time.
  • Erase and partitioning your hard disk before installing Mac.
  • Install the additional Software available on Mac installation disc.
  • There are two options to install; one is ?Archive and install? another is ?Erase and install?.
  • Use the Erase and install option which erase the partition and install the fresh copy Mac.
  • Installation is begun and shows installation progress.
  • Installation takes some time as per your configuration and done.

Restoring from your Backup:
  1. Now your system is ready to restore your data back in new hard drive.
  2. Install the Backup Utility software which use use at the time of backup.
  3. Lunch the software and connect external hard drive in which we was backup already.
  4. Choose the restore system from backup.
  5. Select the external hard drive as a source and Internal hard drive as a destination.
  6. Restore is back and your system is ready with new hard drive.
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