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Thread: Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

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    Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

    It seems to me that paragon NTFS 9.0.1 is not completely compatible with OS X Lion. I have noticed this problem very recently. The search features on NTFS drive not working properly with it. I donít get any results. When I was using the paragon NTFS 9.0.1 on Snow Leopard, I was able to search files in my NTFS drive but it wonít work in OS X Lion.

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    Re: Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

    I finally found a solution!!
    • I started with the alt key
    • Started on my partition where Lion
    • Launched the Disk Utility to clear / delete my main partition
    • (So far as usual)
    • Lion reinstalled without migrating data
    • Once it was over so I had mounted my NTFS (read-only but just install Paragon NTFS for writing)
    • I then went in applications in the Utilities folder to find Migrating data
    • I picked up my user account (I also proposed applications and settings)
    • At the end of this step long enough (as nearly 300GB), I logged in user in question and was still mounted NTFS drive

    The problem was therefore one of the other item proposed data migration, I could have tried to repatriate one of those items about which one is bad.

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    Re: Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

    Mac OS X offers generally only limited support for working with NTFS, the default file system any Windows PC. As a Mac user, you can also read files and directories on NTFS partitions only, but not create, delete or modify. Windows will not turn HFS + partitions, the primary file system for Macintosh computers. Why Windows users to access Mac partitions and Boot Camp users cannot access your Mac partitions under Windows. Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X full read and write access to every possible version of NTFS for Mac OS X. This creates in NTFS for Mac OS X HFS built for Windows on the other hand, make sure that you get full read access to Windows HFS + partitions.

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    Re: Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

    I had to search specifically on the apple forum because nothing appeared via the usual web search, I will then send you the solution that seems to work for many world:
    • Uninstall each driver (NTFS Paragon, Tuxera, NTFS-3G etc..)
    • Restart the computer
    • Delete / System / Library / filesystems / ufsd.fs (make a copy just in case)
    • Installing a NTFS driver, I personally use Paragon NTFS for Mac 9.1
    • Reboot the Mac

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    Re: Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

    I have long used MacFuse and never had problems. When I upgraded to OS X Lion and found that MacFuse no longer worked as it is not an application that worked under the 64-bit kernel Lionm had to find alternatives. I tried Paragon and the truth is that it is going great but having the option OSXFUSE free and not need to continuously read and write to NTFS disk.

    Tuxera is a discovery but it seems that it has nothing to envy to the implementation of Paragon.

    Therefore, the decision on which option you choose is yours. Mine, as you know, OSXFUSE.

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    Re: Cannot search OS X Lion NTFS drive using paragon NTFS 9

    One of the things that had not fallen, but it certainly had to take into account when moving to OS X Snow Leopard to OS X Lion from the first day was the NTFS format support. In theory, at least the latest operating systems from Apple (aka Snow Leopard and Lion) can read (not write) NTFS formatted disks, so it indicates the documentation. However, it is a feature that is disabled by default (I guess lios of licenses and patents through) so you have to figure out how to activate it. One way I found in Snow Leopard was the tandem MacFUSE and NTFS-3G, but to open NTFS drives in OS X Lion I had to use OSXFuse. Its incompatibility with Lion is given because it is an application written in 32bit and in recent Macs, Lion works with the 64bit kernel so it should be a MacFuse 64-bit application to run as needed. However, only a MacFUSE beta seems to be ready and I could not run, so I started looking for alternatives. Both are basically OSXFuse MacFUSE as an interface "driver" that truly allows read and write NTFS in Mac OS X Lion

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