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Thread: MS Outlook 2010 not configuring with Windows 8 CP

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    MS Outlook 2010 not configuring with Windows 8 CP

    I recently installed the new Windows 8 CP in my laptop. When I was configuring my email with outlook 2010. It doesn’t get configure and gives me an error. My account gets configured with outlook 2010 in Windows xp, 7 and even in win 8 Developer preview. I have this issue in Win 8 CP. Does anyone have solution for this?

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    re: MS Outlook 2010 not configuring with Windows 8 CP

    I am not understanding that how this problem could be related in the CP. I think that you might be forgetting to configure the properties of the account in SMTP requirements of your ISP/email provider. Check for the specifications and sometimes they are specific in involving particular ports or check boxes. Try POP or IMAP t configure your email account. Also try to configure another email account to check whether the problem is with the mail account or not.

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    re: MS Outlook 2010 not configuring with Windows 8 CP

    Hi,I am also having the same problem cant configure with outlook in Win 8. First I thought that the problem must be with the MS outlook 2010 then I even tried Office 2007 and nothing happen same error. I tried outlook 2010 in Win 7 everything was working properly. I followed all the steps form the Win 7 that I use to configure my email account and tried exactly same to configure in Win 8 but nothing worked. It seems that Win 8 is not supporting the outlook as email client. Then I tried another email client thunderbird and it works fine with no issues.

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    re: MS Outlook 2010 not configuring with Windows 8 CP

    I think that you may not have configured your email account properly. That can be reason for not working the outlook in Win 8. Here are the steps to configure your email account in outlook.
    • Open Outlook
    • On File menu, select Info
    • Select Account Settings
    • On Email tab, click New, select Email Account, and click next.
    • Select the manually configure server settings or additional server types, and click next.
    • Select Internet E-Mail, and click next.
    • Select the account you want to configure in Add New E-mail Account dialog box and click next.
    • To configure the new email account manually
    • Select the manually configure server settings or additional server types check box, and click next.
    • Select Internet E-mail, and click next.
    • Under User Information
    • Type your name in your name box
    • Type your email address in email Address box
    • Select HTTP in the Account Type box to configure your Gmail, hotmail or other account.
    • In the HTTP Service Provider box, select the service provider for your account.
    • If you clicked other in the HTTP Service Provider, type the URL of your mailbox in the Server URL.
    • Under Logon Information
    • In User Name box, type your user name.
    • In Password, type the password that your ISP provided.
    • If you want Outlook to remember your password, click Remember password check box.
    • If the ISP requires login, login using Secure Password Authentication.
    • Click on Test Account Settings to check whether the account is configured properly or not.
    • Click next, and then click Finish.

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