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Thread: I want help in manual installation of apple drivers.

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    I want help in manual installation of apple drivers.

    How does it feel to buy a new PC and an iPod (Refurb, OS 4) at the same time and enjoying its use like anything? I am loving this by every chance that I could. Trust me, it feels awesome when you have two of best possible devices in your hand. Anyways, I am going to place a small issue that I am facing and that in not means will mean that I am not loving using these brand new devices. I am enjoying every bit of it, but as they say, there is always a bitter side of the every Chocó sauce, there is a small issue that I am facing with the system or is it the iPod? I am not sure. Anyways, the issue is that my computer detects my iPod as merely as a camera and not as a musical device as it should have done. I have no idea from where did this issue arise and what the problem is. Neither am I even slightly aware of any solution to it. So now, when I read across a few threads I read one answer in common to all issues which read ‘Reinstall your driver manually’. I thought of doing so and I turned my PC on for the same to realize that I am unaware on how to do this. Yes, I don’t really know how to manually install a driver into my apple pc. So, I would request some assistance in this matter. Also, other troubleshooting methods for my primary issue will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: I want help in manual installation of apple drivers.

    I will help you with how to go about with the installation of the driver but that does not mean by any chance that this is the fix for your issue, I am trying to help you with the query that you mentioned above. So, I would want you to first try this out and if this fortunately works then you will not need to try anything else
    - Go to the my computer thing and right click on it after which you need to open the device manager. After this you can click on the manage and then ultimately on the device manager in order to open the device manager.
    - Another option is to try typing the text whixh reads: ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the search box which can be spotted on the bottom of the start menu.
    - Try spotting the iPod, by what you have been suggesting, it should be seen under the digital cameras section.
    - When you happen to successfully spot it under the digital camera section, the next thing to do is right clicking on it and choosing ‘update driver software’
    - Here you should possibly find a number of options on which, you can chose to type or select the button texted ‘browse my computer for driver software’
    - Note that, you should be having the iTunes installed on your system to follow the following path which reads out to be: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers (replace C: for whatever your system drive letter is)
    - After this, to go ahead you should be clicking on the next button after which the windows will spot the apt driver and will install it
    - After you are done installing, you should be able to click on the finish button which will mark the end of the process, then replug the device.

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    Re: I want help in manual installation of apple drivers.

    No other word matches to the situation better than the word ‘Unfortunate’ to say that it did not work. I mean, yes the driver got updated and all as the best expected but that did not serve the purpose. I don’t want to go through all the threads again; instead can anyone please recommend me a solution to this issue. Like, I am sure updating is a part of the solution but I think there is something above and below this step. That is what I need to know. Could anyoneplease help me out of this? If I need to re-update the driver I would be glad if you can come up with a simpler method to do so! I am so sure there is a much simpler and more effective solution to this that my very next poster is going to post. ;-)

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    Re: I want help in manual installation of apple drivers.

    Yes! Your next poster does have a solution. From where did you learn buttering by the way? Before any other expert ask you to install and uninstall the iTunes, let me tell you this hardly helps, s I was considering to suggest something else. Even I was a victim (as I like calling it) of this issue. Even my iPod touch was being recognized as a digital camera and trust me I tried every God damn recipe suggested by apple, none of them even hint of working

    The only thing that works in such situations is to force both the system and the device with using the most possible and apt driver, so the solution would be:
    1. First of all, you need to check to confirm that you have iTunes installed in your system. This is very important to go ahead with the solution
    2. Another solution would be to check out if the device is detected by your system, let it be anything that doesn’t matter, but it needs to be detected
    3. Search for this file whose name is rightly spelt as: usbaapl in the folder bearing the path as follows: C:\WINDOWS system folder, to do this,
    a. Go to the start button down there and then click on it with a right click, from the number of options, click what reads as ‘Explore’
    b. Here, on the right pane, you will find a number of options to chose from, locate WINDOWS and rightclick it and select search
    c. Here, you will come across a text box, there you can type in the text which reads : usbaapl and hit the search button below to find the file
    4. There, you should be yielding results with files like: usbaapl.sys, usbaapl.inf etc. if you don’t then your drivers have not been installed with the iTunes install in the way that it should have been, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the iTunes only then.
    5. If you find them, it will be under the subfolder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE e.g. C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\usbaapl_A65621D65F5B7507DD7B22331826547BDD2D206B you will need to remember this path as you might need this later. Simply copy this and paste it to notepad as iit is practically impossible to remember this path by a human
    6. Now, locate the camera or the iPod that was in question, in the device manager of the system. To find it follow the following steps:
    a. Use the path: using Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System > Hardware Tab > Device Manager
    b. Check out for your beloved device, it might be in some different category, say if it is detected as camera, you’ll find it in: ‘imaging devices’
    7. Now, you need to update the driver, in a very different manner, unlike mentioned above, you can follow a less complicated attempt as below:
    a. Go to the camera or the iPod whatever is found, now right click on it to find device ‘Update Driver’. Click on it to move ahead
    b. This click will take you to a Hardware Update Wizard, out there Check the ‘Install from a list or specific location’ then click ‘Next’
    c. After this, check the checkbox next to the text which reads: ‘Search for the best driver in these locations’ which will yield you best results
    d. Un-check the checkbox next to the text which reads ‘Search removable media’ and check ‘Include this location in the search’ and check : ‘Include this location in the search’.
    e. In the text box, type in or preferably copy-paste the path of the folder which you found in one of the above mentioned steps
    f. Click next and you should be finding something like: ‘Apple ipod device driver’ or so. Continue installing that device.

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