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Old 27-04-2012
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Some Positive feedback to use Windows 8

Hello friend I have hear lots of thing about Windows 8 but as per me I did not find it that good. As I was using Windows 7 till date but one of my friend told me that Windows 8 is really very good this and that so I just tried to installed Windows 8 and used it for 2-3 days but I was really frustrated as I was not able to close many applications, even there were many software which were not compatible. Not only that much I also dint like its interface. So guys those who liked Windows 8 can you give me some good reason why i should use Windows 8 and not Windows 7.
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Old 27-04-2012
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Re: Some Positive feedback to use Windows 8

File Transfer - Until Windows 7 each file transfer operation is visualized in a separate window. In windows 8 will show everything in one window with detailed information and the ability to pause the transfer.
ARM processors - This will be the first Microsoft operating system that will support ARM-based processors. These processors have a processing capacity and consume very little energy, so dominate the market of Smartphone?s and tablets.

Applications based on HTML 5 - It will support HTML 5 for a new type of desktop applications and widgets. It can develop applications based on HTML 5 and JavaScript, which can interact with the hardware and the computer's file system. It is expected that these applications can run in x86/x64 processors (PC) and ARM (Smartphone?s and tablets).

USB 3.0 - Window 8 will have native support for USB 3.0, which is 10 times faster than 2.0, reaching transfer rates up to 5 gigabits per second.

Windows App Store - Microsoft will include Windows for the first time an application store. A screenshot leaked a few months ago can give us an idea about this "App Store":
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Old 27-04-2012
Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 432
Re: Some Positive feedback to use Windows 8

1. Interface meters:

Only if accompanied by a touch screen. The Live Tiles (tiles or mosaics dynamic) are great. Adaptation to any type of resolution, too.

2. Windows 2 Go:

Easy to carry around and use Windows 8, both for personal and non-use operating system on an external drive as a USB key.

3. Single login to your Hotmail account:

Hotmail with your identity, you can authenticate against the cloud, so that your settings and preferences will be applied in each of the computers on which Windows 8 use those credentials.

4. Integration with Skydrive:

Storage space on-line Windows Live seamlessly integrates into Windows 8, both at the operating system and applications developed for the interface Metro.

5. App Store:

In any current system, the app store is essential to provide functionality to computers. In addition, Windows Store is a secure and centralized to find those programs that need.

6. Time of start:

The whole system is optimized, including the time of commissioning. It is true that SSDs contribute to it, but even with magnetic disks it shows a substantial improvement over Windows 7.

7. Compatibility:

Support for handheld platforms and PC, and mobility as a tablet with ARM processors. Windows 8 is intended to be a universal operating system independent of the platform is installed. So far, from tablets to ultra books, to the traditional PC.

8. Integration with social networks:

Twitter, Windows Live, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.. Social networks have their place in applications of the operating system as part of the user's digital identity. Not required to register with them, but if you've done, it's good to make time in your day to day.

9. There are still desktop:

Just as held the command in Windows, Windows 8 remains the Desktop. It is a more in Metro, which transports you to a similar environment to Windows 7.

10. Management background processes:

Applications written with the new API for Metro turned off completely in the background to improve system performance and more efficient.
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Old 27-04-2012
Join Date: Aug 2011
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Re: Some Positive feedback to use Windows 8

11 key areas to watch closely.

1/128-bit Support
Well, for starters, are you past the 64-bit? Support more than 3GB of RAM, larger data rate. The advantages are many, while compatibility issues exist almost over. '' But for the average user this is not an argument.

2/ Support for 3D
With the current craze for 3D technologies (although pushed by manufacturers, it must be said), hard to miss for a future OS. Even mobile phones are getting into!

3/ App Store
Microsoft has now set foot in the App Store with Windows Phone 7, left is to take the plunge for the PC?

4/ Support for ARM
Main targets: the shelves! But Microsoft has anyway already officially announced support for the ARM earlier this year.

5/ Face Recognition
Places you in front of your screen, the PC recognize you and automatically connects you to your session. Not bad. Finally say fun. Not only because it already exists via third party applications, but since the time that the fingerprint recognition exists on laptops, it is clear that this gadget has never developed much.

6/ Startup Faster
This is a needed improvement to each new version. Especially when the competition is doing much better today.

7/ Support Kinect
It is time to do more converge the different products of Redmond giant. Kinect on Windows, it announces the good!

8/ Location
Windows 8 could use the information given by sensors location. An index to imagine a multi-OS device?

9/ Multiple Desktops
Linux fans know that when you have tasted this feature, difficult to go back! It was however possible to date on Windows through third-party applications.

10/ Smart Sticky
The post-it on the desktop from Vista exist (and are still useless for me, busy enough with post-it "real" glued all around the screen!), This time we would speak of a more intelligent, capable, for example to issue reminders or manage links. Yeah, nothing really revolutionary, it should not really be part of this list in my opinion.

11/ Management Tool windows for touch
Why not with the possibility to switch windows by Kinect?
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Old 28-04-2012
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 231
Re: Some Positive feedback to use Windows 8

Starting with Windows 8
You just turn on your computer and you immediately surprised to see that loads the operating system (8 seconds), this is because the system enters a kind of partial hibernation when you turn off the computer, perennial turn allow faster, Windows 8 also has a better management of resources Pc.

The first image you will see: a new Windows desktop
This is totally different from what you've seen in previous versions of Windows, its striking you'll like, this is the interface (UI) "Metro" that allows your applications used against you, through this "mosaic" you can have all the information "hit", for example to know if you have new email, see the weather, calendar, and of course applications that organize yourself to your liking. For touch screen user interface "Metro" is friendly, extensive tables allow good interaction with applications. If you are looking for the start button, forget to do this has disappeared in Windows 8.

Downloading applications for Windows 8

Now you can easily download applications with Windows Store (yes, the same style of Apple's App Store), this online store you can find all the variety of apps you need in your daily work, all without complicate your life.

Your files in sync with SkyDrive

With Windows 8, will transform your digital life, all your documents in the cloud SkyDrive but not only stored but also synchronized between your tablet with W8, Mobile Phone with Windows and PCs. That is what you do on your laptop or desktop you can view and edit on your mobile and vice versa, this is possible now with Dropbox, but the latter has a 2GB storage limit.

"Live ID" of Windows Live, customizing the OS to anywhere

Synchronization with Windows Live allows you to access any computer with Windows 8 and with your own "Live ID" have all the custom settings in it. Not to be confused with Windows To Go that we will see later (you'll be amazed).

Find what you want is easier with Windows 8

Windows 8 makes it easy to search, not having the start button and the quick search boxes, what can you do? Just type, and automatically writes itself a window with options to search your files, applications or the web. For example if you need to read an email from a contact, enter their name and select the mail application, if you want any of the information available in the cloud type and select the browser end.

Touchscreen password

If you are using a touch screen, instead of entering a password with the keyboard you press some areas of the image and the computer is unlocked. The example of this gave corporate vice president of Windows, Julie Larson-Green showing his photo-password: the photo of her daughter (the one you see in the image) is seen standing on a dock with a glass of lemonade, Larson -Green touched his nose to his daughter, then in the glass of lemonade and finally drew a line from the edge of the pier to the edge of the glass of lemonade, and voila! System unlocked. All you have to do to use this function is to choose an image to create the password and the areas you have to play with your fingers and slide to unlock.
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