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Thread: How do I bring CD-ROM icon in Ubuntu?

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    How do I bring CD-ROM icon in Ubuntu?

    I recently installed Ubuntu in my PC and I want to insert CD in my CD-Rom. I am not able to view the CD-ROM icon in my computer. I want to install the driver of my wireless router. Is there any way that the icon can be displayed. Did I install the OS properly, or I have to press some button then the icon will be visible. How do I get the icon any suggestions please?

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    Re: How do I bring CD-ROM icon in Ubuntu?

    You are searching for the CD, but it is of no use because none of the Microsoft programs work on Ubuntu. For running Microsoft programs you can use wine software. Wine is software which runs the Microsoft programs on other OS. Check in the network connection, you might not be knowing what the icon may be used to display your device. If no devices are shown then check on the linux website for the drivers available for your router. See that your model number is not listed under stable working development, if so then the drivers for your router are under construction. You can Linux Mint, it has some alternate repositories that might have the drivers you need.

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