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Old 22-04-2012
Join Date: Apr 2012
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unsure Windows 7 -partial system hang after startup, wireless service & IE involved after update of windows

Hi everyone first time poster with the strangest problem I have ever seen. I gave in and called microsoft on it...and still don't have an answer, probably shouldn't have let them mess around on the PC (had to repair behind them today...I think) but I'm still new to windows 7 though fairly good on XP and silly me thought they would help.

I have an ASUS laptop that had its motherboard replaced a few months back (which is why a couple of my settings were NOT how I left them and silly/busy me didn't notice and fix them...so windows updates got installed without me knowing what they were and we don't have a restore point. Mea Culpa on that one and I do know better).

The problem seems to have started with windows updates within the last two weeks and the problem is most obvious anytime the computer is shutdown and then turned on and/or if an attempt is made to use internet explorer.

Upon booting the computer we go through a strange sequence of the wireless service (set to automatic) starting on and connected, turning itself off within a brief period of time, allowing a brief repair, failing again, then allowing a real repair after informing me that the service is off. Sometimes it will go down one last time, but after that the repair will stick for hours...and the computer will work almost normally as long as IE is avoided.

Once the service repair sticks it will allow hours of MMORPG gaming, web surfing (firefox), etc. If put to sleep the computer comes back fine. If rebooted the problem reoccurs even in safemode.

The computer is at its worst for the first several minutes after booting and attempting to open IE causes fifteen minutes worth of problems. Including one incident of a hang where I tried to reboot and ended up literally waiting for a (placeholder) window to close twelve minutes later. A placeholder window? The microsoft tech was floored and so was I.

I have done a lot of virus scanning just in case with several different scanners (my active one is webroot, also used malaware bytes, superantispyware, & housecall) and this doesn't feel like a virus so I'm doubtful of it being one, I ran the comp through a full chkdsk (got a blue screen for the first time today) and it did some repairs that I'm pretty sure came from yesterday's microsoft tech, but still having the same original problem...which is irritating enough without adding a blue screen.

I had nbprobe starting on the laptop but after this problem started it started aquiring a fatal error issue within those same 15 minutes of start up...I told it not to load anymore...so much for that being the conflict.

I'm also noticing odd screen flashes that seem to happen around the same time the wireless service turns off or becomes possible to turn on and a change in the transparency/color of my start bar.

Hopefully that made sense...its really hard to explain...and I'm having trouble even defining this well enough to web search effectively for answers.

Thanks for your help,


p.s. is there any reason the forum would not let me register with a gmail account. I had to dig up an email address I normally use for stuff I know will generate spam to register so I'm not going to see notifications when you folks post unless it lets me switch it in my profile. I'm going to try right that now...and it still says the admin bans the gmail account...I'll have to manually check this thread (( I'm not going to post my email addy in an open forum for perpetuity but if someone would be kind enough to subscribe to this thread I'll pm you with it and you can email me when there are posts? Or can the admin un-ban gmail accounts? I'll bookmark the thread and check periodically till then, I don't know what else to do.

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Old 22-04-2012
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 2
Re: Windows 7 -partial system hang after startup, wireless service & IE involved after update of windows

I ran CHKDSK in repair mode and did ran a registry scan to clean up from the microsoft guy (750 errors-sheesh) and no more blue screens so far. But my computer has the same original strange problem and otherwise mostly works fine. BTW while pseudo-hung the mouse still moves and once you get into task manager (very difficult if one has made the mistake of trying to open IE) it will show multiple instances of iexplore but no excessive resourse consumption. One of the earlier attempts to fix this downgraded me from IE 9 to 8 but the problem still exists.

Does anyone have any ideas...please help...I am very willing to listen and learn...and am capable of understanding at a relatively high level....I'm just new at windows 7. Like many self taught folks there are many things I understand but there are also can be odd gaps in my knowledge..I've been working with computers for many years and can usually manage to at least search the web effectively for a solution and adapt it to my actual situation...seriously guys I need ideas...brain storm with me...something. I've never encountered anything that behaves this way...ever.
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