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Thread: Fonts available in Ubuntu 11.10

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    Fonts available in Ubuntu 11.10

    Does anyone know what kind of fonts used in Ubuntu 11.10? I have installed the gnome-tweak-tool in order to see what kind of fonts included. I didn’t notice anything there. Can you tell me where the actual font file is and what Font Viewer calls this?

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    Re: Fonts available in Ubuntu 11.10

    I really don’t know what you are saying and I dint understand a thing about your saying. You can view the fonts in Advanced Settings. Some Gnome Shell themes uses their own custom fonts. These fonts are different from the system fonts. You can see these fonts in theme CCS. However the fonts which are used by Themes only affect the Gnome shell ‘s top panel

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    Re: Fonts available in Ubuntu 11.10

    As far as I know that the latest version of Ubuntu comes with a package of Excellent fonts. But if you want to make use of MS core fonts, then there is an easy way. You just need to download and install packages. Ubuntu does not comes with Fonts like Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS but you can enable them later. To do this, press Ctrl – Alt – T to open the terminal. Type the below command:
    sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer
    This command will then prompt to accept MS license agreement. Accept it and you are done.

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    Re: Fonts available in Ubuntu 11.10

    Ubuntu included a package called “ttf-mscorefonts” . This package contains several good Microsoft fonts. So you do not need to download any additional package later. You have to install those packages in order to use those fonts. You can then use those fonts in LibreOffice, Openoffice, gimp etc. However if you are not familiar with the terminal based installation you have to get the Synaptic Package Manager.

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