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Thread: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

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    Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    I am working on OS X LION and problem is that the icons from the desktop are disappeared and I am not getting any way to get them back. Can you tell me that what can be the reason for this and how can I get them back. If you have some idea regarding then please let me know that. I will be thankful to all the replies for this.

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    re: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    I think that the icons for the application shortcuts are missing and if you want to get that back then just go to the application where that is stored in the Macintosh HD. Just right click on the application which you want to have on your desktop and then choose Make Alias. Once you are done with that then drag that to the desktop. This same procedure you have to repeat for all the other application and get them on your desktop. I hope that this will he helpful to you.

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    re: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    I was also having the similar problem and then I used the Lions recovery feature (CMD + R on boot then reinstall lion) to get it resolved. So if you want then you can do the same and I wish that it will be helpful to you.

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    re: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    Here are the steps that you must follow in order to get the icons back. Here are the steps for this:
    1. Open finder > Go.
    2. Now press and hold the Option Key.
    3. It will open the library.
    4. Select Preferences.
    5. remove
    6. remove
    7. go to the Library and then remove CACHES folder
    8. Now restart the system.
    9. you will find that the desktop icons are restored.

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    re: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    I think that the desktop is turned into the package and if you wish to find this then you can go to the below steps:
    1. First of all, click on the Finder icon within your package.
    2. Just click on "Go>Home" from the top menu bar.
    3. On your desktop folder, right click and see if you get "Show package contents"
    4. If yes then this needed a package.

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    Re: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    I think that it is corrupted and if none of the solutions helps you then there is only one option for you and that is to do the re installation of the OS X LION. But make sure that this is the last option for you.

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    Re: Apple OS X LION desktop icons disappeared

    Just go to the Finder-> Preferences-> General-> Show these items on the desktop. You can select the items from there and that will be displayed on the desktop.

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