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Thread: MAC OS :Lost a Folder :( Pl. Help !!

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    MAC OS :Lost a Folder :( Pl. Help !!

    Hi everyone,

    I had some contents in systems folder. System -> Library->Sandbox. Inside sandbox I had a folder. Yesterday I Upgraded to Mac OS X Lion . Now I can't find the folder. I know OS files must have been re-written. What I want to know is can those files be recovered? If there is any method to do that please anyone guide me how to do it. I want those files at any cost . It ll be very grateful if anyone help me to recover those files.

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    Re: MAC OS :Lost a Folder :( Pl. Help !!

    This method was suggested by a member in another forum. I tried it. It worked and I recovered those files. Thank you evreyone

    To manually remove an application and all associated files:
    Launch Finder and search for the app name (hopefully unique, such as Skype)
    You can narrow the search to specific folders or search your whole Mac
    Searching "File Name" vs "Contents" usually provides better results.
    Click the + button below the search term to add criteria
    Click the search criteria drop-down and select "Other...", then "System files"
    Click the "don't include" and change to "include"
    Sort by name, kind, date, etc. to identify components of the app, such as folders, .plist files, cache files. etc.
    Delete all files and folders related to the app.
    Don't empty your Trash until you've determined that everything is working OK, in case you need to restore something you deleted by accident.
    A reboot might be necessary to completely remove some apps.

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