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Thread: Where to find chess titans for windows 8

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    Where to find chess titans for windows 8

    I have recently install the beta version of Windows 8 on my computer and it is running properly without any issues. When I was searching for some games like Chess Titans in this operating system then I couldnt find it anywhere listed? Does this means that in Windows 8 we will not get this games preinstalled or are we supposed to download it from the microsoft website someplace? Thanks

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    Re: Where to find chess titans for windows 8

    There is a Windows Store on your desktop and you can easily find many Chess games available there and they are also for free download. Just click on Start screen by either clicking in the left side below or press Windows key and then go to Store app. After you go into Store, you should search for apps by pressing Windows key + C and click Search in the Charms bar for the Chess games from there.

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    Re: Where to find chess titans for windows 8

    It seems to me that chess titans for Windows 8 is not available by default but it is available for Windows 7. If this game is not listed in the Store app then you will need to install some different chess game and I dont think microsoft will ever make this old chess game available in the near future for Windows 8 ever. I think this the reason microsoft is losing everyday in its sales behaviour.

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    Even I agree that there are many different chess games available in the Store app and there graphics are also pretty good if compared to the old Chess Titans. This is the major different with the games. With the new operating system Microsoft will definitely try to raise every kind of aspects whether it is gaming or a program.

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