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Thread: The reason behind developing windows 8.

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    The reason behind developing windows 8.

    Why is Microsoft even manufacturing windows 8? It is just similar to windows 98 with a average looking interface. Only few features are added but not looking attractive like other operating system in windows. Then why they developed this operating system?

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    Re: The reason behind developing windows 8.

    They are manufacturing Windows 8, for the reason that Microsoft is a corporation in a capitalistic countryside. In a capitalistic world all companies need to rise each year. They require paying their workers. And even greater the bosses, which previously have got millions require several millions extra.

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    Re: The reason behind developing windows 8.

    Microsoft think expand the production So they are moving towards an Operating system which is intended around touch, whilst still behind more traditional Keyboard and Mouse usage.
    As well Apple has confirmed there are a lot of people out there who discover computing also complex, and want a simpler familiarity. So in order to discontinue Windows becoming out of date and unnoticed by these fresh users, and innovative ways to use a PC, they are implementing innovative thoughts in Windows, to build it work for the latest future coming.

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    Re: The reason behind developing windows 8.

    I have the same opinion that Windows assist is no help at all, each time you have difficulty with windows or other Microsoft goods, you better know how to troubleshoot and resolve it manually...
    Every corporation needs to make cash, the easier way for them to do is to adapt, alter a little bit here and there, then sell them as new goods and raise the cost. Good examples would be several Microsoft office and new cars.

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