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Thread: HDMI sound not working after Mac OS X Lion v10.7 update

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    HDMI sound not working after Mac OS X Lion v10.7 update

    Since I had applied the latest update on Mac OS X Lion v10.7 I having a bit issue with playing sounds. I am trying to connect a second monitor with the system through hdmi port. But it is not able to produce any sound. I had tried to check the internal settings, which shows no solution. I had also tried connecting a Panasonic tv with the system, and face the same issue. The TV also does not produce any audio. What should I do to fix this problem.

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    You will need mac mini display port for that. Then only it will work. You can find that online. Just get a mac mini display port to hdmi connector and hook the tv set through that. You will be able to get the kind of audio output you are looking for. If you are trying to use a third party display cable then it will not work. It is very complicated to get audio from it. But if you are using original mac accessories then you won't face much problem.

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    There is a bad news for you. If you have a old mac system, then you wont be able to get audio from Mini-DisplayPort. Because this does not supports audio through hdmi. Whichever model that are made before 2010 will not give you audio through this Mini-DisplayPort. I had find this on the official forums. I was also looking for a similar solution. I hope there be some other way to make it work.

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    There is one thing you can do. Connect the secondary monitor or tv through that hdmi cable. The second thing you have to do is connect a speaker to the mac system. You have to use the keyboard to control audio and through that you can play movies or video of your choice. That is the only easiest option you have. I do this with my big size monitor. I connect the speaker to the system and keep a standard volume.

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