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Thread: Error Code 4400:011A and Error Code 0F00:133C

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    Error Code 4400:011A and Error Code 0F00:133C

    My Dell is using Windows 7 64-bit and have these error massages on my PC:

    Error Code 4400:011A

    Message SCSI_0_000_DISK_GENERIC-_COMPACT_FLASH - target not ready

    Error Code 0F00:133C

    Message: DISK-No suitable disk Media is present

    I have the following problems and do not know whether they are related to these error massages:

    When I was watching video online, my PC hanged and the speaker had strange sound.
    The computer frozen just after booted up.
    The computer restarted automatically.

    I heard that Win7 clashed with Adobe Flash Player. Is it true? I have Flash Player (donít know version 9 or 10) installed.

    What can I do to solve the problem?

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    Re: Error Code 4400:011A and Error Code 0F00:133C

    Hello the error you are getting because your Compact Flash is appears like a Media Card Reader Slot. And when you are testing at that moment the testing did not discover some media within your memory card reader. And the additional error is almost certainly for the reason that you didn't comprise a data CD within the optical drive throughout the testing. And allow it ensure the version of Flash that's install and see which is the most up-to-date version that's appropriate in favor of your system.

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