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Thread: Sennheiser MM100 driver not working in windows 7

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    Sennheiser MM100 driver not working in windows 7

    I had purchased a Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth headphone. I bought this for my laptop but there is a bit problem in using the same. It is not working on Windows 7 64 bit. It looks Windows is not able to find proper drivers for the same. I had tried looking for downloads on it official site also but still there is a issue with the same. I have a mobile headphone that works really file.

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    The issue does lies with the headphone it with the bluetooth. You have to check that the adapter that you are using is proper or not. You can go ahead re-installing the same. Just go in Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer > Manager. Look for Device Manager and right click on Bluetooth Adapter. Uninstall the adpater and restart your pc. Depending on the motherboard model just download latest drivers and test back.

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    I had faced this issue long before due to improper paring. You just have to hold the bluetooth pairing button for sometime. The light on that bluetooth will start blinking. You have to turn on the adapter on your system. Once your system detect the headphone you will get a pairing code. You have to type that and done. If this is not working then there are chances that your bluetooth adapter is not working well.

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