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Thread: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

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    MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    I have the Apple Mac OS and I was trying to set my folder as localhost, as I’m interested in creating the web application so I was trying to see my website in my own system before publishing it, but I was fail to do that I try my best but not successes so if you guys know the way to set the local host for then Please let me inform about it.

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    re: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    Apple Mac OS is best for creating the localhost for checking out the web development before publishing it, however according to my experience it doesn’t support the MySQL feature, so in order to use my Mac as a localhost I always use the MAMP for that, since this contain MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache, PHP5 etc. So if you want to develop the web application and want to make the correction at the localhost then install this application and make it use.

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    re: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    You should have the MAMP in your Mac OS, after that you have to follow this simple stem to get the localhost connection:
    So first you have to go to the option available for the MAMP application, there you have the option for setting the preferences so that Apache runs on port 80. After that go to the address bar and type the address “http://localhost/url for the folder”

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    re: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    There is the simple trick for that as we have use for the windows. First you create your server page coding as you like to develop its depends on the knowledge you want to develop your application and you should have the server which is cable to run that page for eg. Php, servlet, apache etc. so you have to store your page to the desire location for storing that file. And now you have to go to the browser and have to type”http://localhost/“follow by the folder path where you have store your file

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    re: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    The simple example for creating the local host for the Mac:
    • First develop your Application page
    • Then store it in the server application which you have install
    • Now go to that folder
    • Now copy the url from the address bar.
    • Now go to the browser
    • Type in the address bar http://localhost/
    • And paste the copy url
    • And press enter.

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