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Thread: Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

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    Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

    I am using Mac and I am trying to delete the files that are not required to me. I try to delete the files and folders the process starts immediately and after some second the operation is aborted and the data is not deleted . It gives an error message that Techtool deluxe maintained states that the volume structure and file structure errors and the process is stopped automatically. Some one please help me in deleting such data . I also want to about the software that finds duplicates files and folders and deletes them . Please help .

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    Re: Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

    Mac has not allowed user to modify the data randomly. The files and folders in Mac are given with settings to define what you and other users can do to manipulate any file or folder . As you are not able to delete the folder then check whether the name volume from which you want to delete the file, if you are not sure of the path of the file or folder then you can select the file and select show info from file menu to know the exact location if name contains any special character then rename volume it so it does not contain any character.The file or folder name should not contain any solidus i.e / or any special character . Due to special character it would be not able to delete it . Hope this will help you in deleting the folder and free up the memory .

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    Re: Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

    Mac O.S has many privileges to the files and folders that need to checked before deleting the data, if such error occurs then check whether the folder has granted any locks on it.As you are the user of the Mac follow the instruction to unlock the folder .In command line set your address to /Applications/Utilities. type this command chflags -R nouchg as it and double click on trash icon in dock to see the contents of trash . Press command A to select all the files and drag the trash to terminal window and press Return . After you see an empty message empty the trash . Note that you follow these commands properly other it may not empty the trash .

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    Re: Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

    Mac operating system does not allow to delete the locked files directly and as you are not in need of the folder and it is eating your memory space then you can try this to forcefully empty the trash . By clicking on the finder and selecting empty trash the process starts but if you get error message such as trash contains locked items remove all or unlock them then drag the targeted folder to desktop and change the name of the folder to same as other folder on desk top and open folder that you have used .Fill data in the folder that has been renamed just now from the targeted folder .Trash the newly named folder and let your target folder take place of the deleted folder and empty the trash . Try this and your data will deleted .

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