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Thread: Need ethernet controller driver for Windows XP

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    Need ethernet controller driver for Windows XP

    Hi, I have a RM laptop which had an old version of Windows installed. I recently updated to Windows XP on this laptop and have since not been able to connect to the internet.

    I get a message saying "new hardware found" everytime I turn the laptop on, and after following the steps it tells me I need to install the ethernet controller driver and need to connect to the internet to do this, which I cannot do.

    When we go into the device manager area, the ethernet controller has a yellow exclamation mark beside it. When we open up the ethernet controller information, it says the device is not configured correctly. We found this number within the ethernet controller information, not sure if it is useful but it begins PCI\VEN_168c (I can provide the whole number if this would help).

    The laptop is a RM machine and has Intel Pentium 4. I think the model number is CY27 although I cannot be sure of this.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me where to look for this driver,

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    Re: Need ethernet controller driver for Windows XP

    My suggestion to you is to download the EVEREST Ultimate Edition 2006 and it will help you to know that what is the exact driver that you needed for the device. Once you are aware with the information then you can download that.

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