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Thread: need help for installing red hat linux via hard drive

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    need help for installing red hat linux via hard drive

    In my pc Iím working with windows XP but due less security virus attacked in my pc. Due to this my pc is not working properly itís always get hang. So I decided to format my C drive but this time I want to change my operating system, because I want to become familiar with Linux also. But the problem is quite serious that my CD-Rom is not working properly so I how boot my pc. So friend I have decided that to boot my pc with the help of hard drive because in my external hard drive I have kept a copy of red hat Linux. So friend it is possible to boot pc with help of hard drive instead of CD-ROM.

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    re: need help for installing red hat linux via hard drive

    Iím familiar with your doubt. But I have install windows XP through hard drive. There is similar procedure compare to installing window XP. First you have to remove the boot loader from a dual boot. There is two ways to remove the boot loader you can choose any one of them for removing.
    Then you have to follow these steps:
    1) Use your windows XP installation disk for rebooting , then reboot your system and then select the option of repair which XP installation CD is providing . then windows will install after windows installation , enter your administrator password and then press enter. Type fixmbrand then press enter. Restart your computer.
    After windows installation on win 9 x systems you have to launched the MS-DOS prompt. For opening the MS-DOS prompt you have to click on start>application> accessories and then select the MS-DOS prompt. After that you will get a black window. In the black window you have to write floppy disk/mbr and then press enter. Then restart the computer.

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    re: need help for installing red hat linux via hard drive

    Steps for installing Linux through hard drives
    a) First you have ensure that all your internal hard disk is disconnected from your computer during the installing the Linux.
    b) Then download the Ubuntu 7.04 ISO, then this file burn it on a CD-ROM and then restart your computer this cd will work like a live CD means till you will not shut down your computer the Linux will be there in the pc work as a operating system.
    c) Once this Ubuntu live system is up and working as a operating system, then navigate to System>preferences>removable drivers and media and then uncheck this following option..
    Raise the removable drives when it is plugged.
    Raise the removable media when it is inserted.
    Then browse removable media when it is inserted.
    d) Click the install Ubuntu icon from the desktop to begin the installation.
    e) At this step prepare a disk space, select the option called Guided-use entire disk and select to install to your USB hard disk.
    f) When this installation is finished, and then reboots the computer.
    g) Reboot it to your system from BIOS or from boot menu and select to boot from your hard drive.

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    re: need help for installing red hat linux via hard drive

    I have search on Google, how to install Linux there I got some tips how to install? But after all that procedures they were telling that remove that external hard drive and after removing the hard drive I got an error. I physically suggest after pulling your existing hard disk out of the computer so because of this there is only hard drive attached to the computer is the new external hard drive that were we want to install the Linux. If Linux detects your old existing hard disk, then it will possibly over write the mbr file If this is not possible then Linux writes over your internal hard disk mbr file. Thatís why I am recommending just remove that internal hard disk from your computer during installing the Linux.

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    re: need help for installing red hat linux via hard drive

    Friends I think this is not possible to install the Linux from the hard drive. Because I have tried lot much to install Linux from the hard drive but I fail to install. First I convert the FAT32 to EXT3 which is help to format your partition. So thatís why I have taken the back up of my files before the drive formatting. Ext2fs is a nice alternative but afterwards it creates troubles. So I had faced problem while access ext3 separation from it. But these steps not give success to me. So thatís why I am now accessing Linux in my pc through Linux live CD.

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