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Thread: Operating System is destroyed after accidentally deleting partition.

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    Operating System is destroyed after accidentally deleting partition.

    Please help me I have accidently deleted my system partition which leaded me to serious problems. While installing windows again, after the install I restarted my computer. My Laptop notified me that my partition canít be found. I tried to solve that problem by booting my Laptop. During booting my laptop told me that ďA boot device could not be found, insert a boot device and press any key ď.
    I too tried formatting my hard drive quick and slow. Also I have tried changing the partition type, GUID, MBR including Bios setting changes but my bios is really locked up. Still stuck at that error, help me please.

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    Re: Operating System is destroyed after accidentally deleting partition.

    As you have mentioned bout bios that ďthe bios has locked upĒ. This does not seem s good. Try booting with Ubuntu CD. Boot it with Ubuntu and get Linux running off the life CD. After doing that see if you can access/mount the drive and browse the directories. If you get any files move them to flash drive. Then run Gparted from the linux and format the HDD to NTFS. Be careful not to wipe any hidden recovery partitions. If every steps performed goes well than boot a window CD and install windows

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    Re: Operating System is destroyed after accidentally deleting partition.

    I suggest you to try Wiping the drive entirely and destroying the partition table in the process. This would indicate if the issue is truly in the hard drive or not, as GRUB will be killed quite properly.
    Use standalone tool like DBAN or shred command from within Linux. After completing it, create a new partition table from the windows installer or GParted. This steps are quick easy and drastic. Not writing zeros across the entire drive will eliminate all chance of restoring files that is saved on the drive prior to the process. That step is only required if you need any stored data. There might be possibility of logical partition will be still in place or either the designation of where logical partition can reside. Linux would likely create one but Windows will not boot successfully from any partition created within it. Checking for that in GParted would be prudent. Your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Operating System is destroyed after accidentally deleting partition.

    If you still did not find any help then the final option remaining with you is that install your windows operating system by inserting installation CD into your system. Before installing see to it that you take backup of all required data of yours in external media or device such as HDD, Pendrive, DVD etc. Do a clean installation, donít interrupt the process in between. After the installation is done save all your important data back to your computer from the external devices in which you have stored your data before.

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