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Thread: Backtrack 5 - How to install pyrit

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    Backtrack 5 - How to install pyrit

    I’m new to backtrack 5 I have recently downloaded and installed it in my personal system.i have heard from my friend that pyrite is not included in the backtrack 5.He told me that I need to install pyrit manually in Backtrack 5 .can anyone provide me with the steps needed to install pyrite in Backtrack 5 ? If possible please let me know alternate ways of installing pyrite in backtrack 5.

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    re: Backtrack 5 - How to install pyrit

    Following command will create main directory tree for installation with svn support.
    svn checkout pyrit_svn
    We have just created a dir /pyrit_svn.This will install libs and other stuff that are needed:

    apt-get install libssl-dev
    apt-get install scapy
    apt-get install python-dev
    Going to construct pyrit

    cd pyrit_svn/pyrit
    python build
    python install
    Verify now if works typing pyrit on a command line.

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    re: Backtrack 5 - How to install pyrit

    The first thing you will need to do is to get the nvidia driver that is supported for cuda cracking this can be done via the backtrack repository

    root@bt:~# apt-get install nividia-driver
    just the once you get the driver installed, a new xorg.conf should be created for you then you can “startx” and return to the kde desktop environment. In the event the xorg.conf creator does not work properly, nvidia provides a helpfulness which may be able to help. To invoke it simple type “nvidia-xconfig” into command terminal and it will try to generate a new xorg configuration file for you.
    root@bt:~# nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Now lets install pyrit
    root@bt:~#   apt-get install pyrit cpyrit-cuda

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    re: Backtrack 5 - How to install pyrit

    After I installed nvidia driver and I followed above steps I was successfully able to install pyrit in backtrack 5 in my system.i think above steps are easier than any other tool installation. Pyrit allows generating gigantic databases, pre-computing part of the WPA2 authentication phase Exploiting the computational authority of Many-Core- and additional platforms through ati-steam and nvidia cuda and opencI, It is at present by far the most influential attack against one of the world's nearly all used security-protocols.

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    re: Backtrack 5 - How to install pyrit

    Hey I followed steps but I was getting error message than I installed nvidia driver and removed all earlier setting of pyrit and then re installed pyrit from command line and it started working. But I think Backtrack 5 people should already have included pyrit in there repository but it’s not included. May be in later edition they will include pyrit in backtrack 5. I think they will release the updated version of backtrack 5 which include pyrit as soon as possible.

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