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Thread: I want to use icloud on mac os x

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    I want to use icloud on mac os x

    I am new to Mac. I want some help to setup iCloud account on Mac OS X. I want a reliable backup option through which I can save and keep my files online. I found that Apple provide some free space online. But how to setup it. Does a application for the same came in Mac. Where can I find the same. I had tried to find the same thing in many places but it does not looks to be working.

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    Re: I want to use icloud on mac os x

    To run iCloud you need the latest mac os version. It also work on the older one, but if it is new then you won't face any problem in configuration. To setup you have to enable the same from the settings. Everything comes installed in Mac you don't have to add anything from outside. Go in System Preferences and choose the iCloud icon. Enable it and configure it as per your need.

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    You will need an id for doing the same. To use iCloud you need a Apple ID. Or else it is not going to work. If you are not having a Apple ID then just create one. Form Apple menu you can go to iCloud. Click on the application and add your Apple ID and password in that. Just sign-in and start uploading the files on the cloud storage. This one is the easiest way to go ahead with the configuration.

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    iCloud is very easy to use. You don't have to get confused in that. I had provided a link below that gives you a full detail of using this iCloud. Just click on that and checkout the complete process of iCloud configuration. You can choose what things you want to sync. iCloud supports a automatic download features. Like music, apps, etc. So choose the things that you want to enable or not.

    Setup iCloud

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