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Thread: Tab key is not working properly.

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    Tab key is not working properly.

    I am truly hoping anyone can assist me! Means anyone will give me the answer. I utilize Excel widely, and I have forever utilized the tab key on the keyboard to switch from one unit to another, or if I am completing a form or something on a website then I utilize the tab button to visit from one column to another. But, when I click the tab key it switches me to another window. I want to wait in Excel and just shift from column to column. I utilize XP. Could you help me anyone about this problem?

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    Re: Tab key is not working properly.

    I read your problem. I have same problem. But I didnít fix this problem till now. Buy I am trying to solve this problem. I have posted same question on the many forums. But till now I didnít get any response. But I hope that very soon Iíll get the solution. I had asked this problem with my neighbor who is hardware engineer. He told me that I should change the keyboard or you should go on the service center. Iíll go to service center tomorrow then Iíll give you right solution.

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    Re: Tab key is not working properly.

    According your problem when an ActiveX control is the main window of a formless dialog box or property sheet window, the TAB key, arrow keys, and accelerator keys do not work as predictable. The TAB key does not shift input focal point from one control to another control. Clicking the arrow keys or accelerator keys in the formless dialog box or property sheet window has no influence. Then may be it will give some help on your problem.

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    Re: Tab key is not working properly.

    The Tab key is one of the only some that has extremely simple other key-clicks, as well. You could just push the Ctrl+I (catch down the Ctrl key and then push the letter "I". And together with an abovementioned Alt (keypad) 009 if you do not contain to input two most important zeros, just one is sufficient, as in Alt (keypad) 09. You want to have at least one most important (keypad) zero; else the particular codes for particular characters will be inputted.

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    Re: Tab key is not working properly.

    Thank you for your reply. We have before now attempted a new Microsoft USB keyboard with no modify in symptoms. This appears to be an issue with Windows 7. We also attempted the key arrangement to insert a tab, but it just puts in a tab without shifting to the next field. After this I am trying getting suitable answer for fixing this problem. But till now I have solved this problem with help of you and Microsoft site. Really this was very irritating problem.

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